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90 percent of digital device users report varying degrees of headaches or eye irritation

Digital Eye Fatigue

With ever increasing use of LED displays such as computer screens, smart phones, LED TV’s and LED lighting devices, concerns about the impact of blue light on the eyes have elevated.

Long hours of exposure to blue light may cause eye strain, dry eye, headaches, vision discomfort and sleeplessness.

More blue light emitting devices enter our lives every day...

About Blue Light

The most potent light in the visible light spectrum, blue light reaches right to the retina at the back of the eyes. Artificial white light sources such as LED and some radiation lamps emit excessive blue light compared to natural white light.

Digital products we use every day emit blue light, Blue light tends to scatter, creating image blur and tired eyes.

iBlu coat™ is an Anti-Reflection coating specially developed to protect your eyes from harmful UV and blue light, improving contrast and reducing eye fatigue. iBlu coat™ lenses filter blue light to a high degree of efficiency from both the front and back reflected light.

iBlu coat™ is available on light weight, high impact resistant Resolution® polycarbonate lenses and is suitable, safe and comfortable for all wearers.