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Introducing the newest generation of UV /HEV protection technology-VITARIS™ combined with Hyper Index 1.6 and 1.74.
VITARIS™ provides a wider range of protection from harmful UVA, UVB, and High-Energy Blue Light (HEV) to maximize eye health.
• The radiation blocker is in the lens material and not a coating.
• Clear and transparent without any color absorption.
VITARIS™ is available as Uncut Free-Form PAL identity™ and Free-Form SV upgrade™ or as Semi-Finished SV all in 1.60 or 1.74 index. Add-ons- Premium Anti-Refection Coating for maximum protection.
VITARIS™ is also offered in Complete-Eyewear Collections, Fun & Love, SmartEyewear™ and Tach.

VITARIS™ reduces high-energy visible (HEV) 400-420nm, critical for protecting eyes against cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The advance and highly versatile technology is suitable for use with multiple lens prescriptions.

VITARIS™ features include:
UVA / UVB Ray protection
(HEV) High Energy Blue Light protection
Clear Depth and Transparent
Improves Visual Comfort and Night Vision
Impact Resistant (Great for sports wrap)

“We’ve filtered harmful HEV and UV Radiation, and redistributed the good light to your eyes... VITARIS Do more with your lens.”

HEV/UV PROTECTION 380nm - 420nm

Vitaris Brochure